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Permits, Applications & Registrations

Notice to all Contractors and Plumbers

Reference: PA ACT 287 PA 1Call
All Contractors and Plumbers must call PA-1 Call before doing any digging, excavation or demolition work. Call 1-800-242-1776

Building Permit Check List 

must be submitted with all permits

Contractor Registration Form 

All Contractors & Sub Contractor must be registered with the Township

Plumbers Registration Form

All Master and Journey Man Must be registered with the Township

Fire Alarm Registration 

required for all new Occupancy for Commercial Properties 

Certificate of Occupancy 

All residential, Commercial Properties required 

Waste Water Questionnaire Form 

must be completed with every commercial New Occupancy request 

Temporary on lot Sewage System Permit(Holding tank)

Land Development Application 

Must be submitted to Township 1st.

Fence Application 

replacement, new or re locating

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