Permits, Applications & Registrations

Notice to all Contractors and Plumbers

Reference: PA ACT 287 PA 1Call
All Contractors and Plumbers must call PA-1 Call before doing any digging, excavation or demolition work. Call 1-800-242-1776

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Residential and Commercial Fee Schedule

Use this application for Electric, HVAC, Fire Alarm, Low Voltage, Plumbing, Etc.

See Fee Schedule for fees (All fee must be submitted at the time of submission of permit)

Must be submitted with every permit application 

Use this form New Contractors, renewals & Sub Contractors

Annual Plumber Registration

January 1st through December 31st

Use this form for License renewal 

Please use for Residential SALES, Rentals, and for Commercial/Industrial sales or rentals

Commercial/Industrial- Please see MS4 Storm-water Mgmt Questionnaire form. This must be completed & submitted also.

For all building with an alarm system

When removing a structure, use this application

If you are constructing, removing, replacing a fence, use this application

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