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MS4 Stormwater Websites

Begin at the general DEP website:


This site has information on the new Pennsylvania Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP) Manual and training events. Under Announcements, there is more info on the BMP Manual plus info on the revised Pennsylvania Stormwater Model Ordinance.  Under general permits, there is NPDES permit info, the MS4 resource CD, the MS4 annual report form and protocol, and Urbanized Area maps. Under general information, there is various storm water related information. Under technical information, there is info on Act 167, Post-Construction Storm Water Management, and various other storm water topics.

From the drop down list, choose "Water Management", then "Bureau of Watershed Management"

This site has technical guidance, Fact Sheets, helpful links, and other storm water information.

From the drop down list, choose "Water Quality".

This site has useful Water Quality Standards information related to existing surface water uses, stream re-designation, 303d impaired waters, TMDLs, and fish consumption advisories.

From the drop down list, choose "Watersheds"

This site has information on County Conservation Districts, Growing Greener, DEP Regulations and Fact Sheets for Chapters 93, 102 & 105, and the PA Bulletin.

The DEP Southeast Regional Office website.
also has useful storm water information, resources and links.

US EPA MS4 & Storm Water Websites

The EPA MS4 regulations can be viewed at 40 CFR Part 122 EPA Administered Permit Programs:
The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System

The Federal Register of December 8, 1999 contains an explanation of the Phase II Storm Water Regulations found at 40 CFR Part 122 and includes the history and rationale behind the MS4 regulations. It is informative and recommended reading for MS4 permittees.
Select 1999 Federal Register, vol. 64; then enter page number 68722 and hit submit.

Begin at the general EPA website:

Under the Quick Finder section, select Water (; then

1.Select Your Watershed (, then select

Adopt Your Watershed ( to view educational, volunteer and other watershed information, including a national Girl Scout program; or

b. Environmental Websites ( to view numerous URLs for environmental information.

2. Under Browse these EPA Water subtopic, select Stormwater
(, then select

a. NPDES:  Stormwater Program
( for useful storm water
information and links, including SW Phase II Fact Sheets and measurable goals guidance; or

b. NPDES ( for an overview of the NPDES
Program and to access links for Storm Water webcasts (past, present & future),
BMPs, and educational materials:

Under New and Revised Menu of Stormwater BMP, there are many useful resources at (;

Under Stormwater Qualifying Local Programs, there is information on numerous topics, including:
Economic Analysis of the Final Phase II SW Rule (by chapter & appendix)
Guidance for Municipal Stormwater Funding
IDD&E Guidance manual from CWP (by chapter and appendix)
Measurable Goals Guidance for Phase II Small MS4
Stormwater Phase II Compliance Assistance Guide
Under Stormwater Education Materials, there are numerous storm water outreach materials and reference documents available at: (,

3. Under Browse these EPA Water subtopics, select Water Pollution, then “Non-point Sources (, then Polluted Runoff (Non-point Source Pollution) ( for lots of useful information, including:

Educational information for students/educators
Outreach materials
A kid's page
Funding opportunities
Publications and information resources

For environmental education resources, go to

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